Board of Directors


Jeff Ardroncurrently lives in Germany working as a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Sustainability (IASS), in Potsdam. His fellowship research is Maritime Governance in the Anthropocene. Previously, he was Director of the High Seas Program for the Marine Conservation Institute in Washington, DC. Before that, he was a senior scientific advisor on marine protected areas for the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. He has also consulted widely, recently for marine planning projects in West Africa, Canada, and Europe. A specialist in marine spatial planning, systematic conservation design, and international maritime policy, a central theme throughout his work is the bridging of marine science with policy development. In addition to PacMARA, Jeff serves on the IUCN World Commission on Protected areas as Advisor on MPA Design, Tools, and Software, and also serves as a Scientific Advisor on the High Seas MPA Task Force. He has an MSc in Environment and Management. He has worked in the fishing sector, NGO sector, in federal government, and within international conventions. Most recently, he is an active member of the Global Ocean Biodiversity Initiative (, serving on its Science Board. A specialist in marine spatial planning, systematic conservation design, and international maritime policy, a central theme throughout his work is the bridging of marine science with policy development.


Vice President

Rodolphe Devillers is a marine Geographer interested in how geographic information sciences can contribute to marine conservation. He is Professor in Geography at Memorial University of Newfoundland where he leads the Marine Geomatics Research Group, an interdisciplinary team exploring looking at how geospatial technologies can be used to improve our understanding of marine environments. His research interest includes systematic conservation planning, marine conservation and marine protected areas, seabed mapping and benthic habitat mapping and fisheries ecology. His research ranges from theoretical questions like the role of spatial scale in marine ecology, to applied research done in collaboration with various government organizations (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Parks Canada, Geological Survey) and NGOs (e.g. WWF)



Heather Coleman is a specialist in marine conservation and resource use planning, focused on bridging the gap between multi-disciplinary marine science and policy-making. She is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Ocean Studies Board and the Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, within the Division on Earth & Life Studies at the National Academies. At NAS, she is primarily working on a study to recommend effective approaches for monitoring restoration activities in the Gulf of Mexico and a study to prioritize research directions in Atmospheric Chemistry, as well on a study to evaluate the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives Network. Heather also acted as PacMARA’s Senior Science & Policy Advisor, identifying, designing, and directing innovative programs and projects to inform decision-making, primarily around marine spatial planning (MSP). In her years with PacMARA, Heather has built capacity and expanded resources available to conservation planners and managers by strategically developing and co-leading our internationally-recognized Marxan and systematic multi-objective planning training program from its inception, which operates around the world with 13 trainers in both English and Spanish. Contact Heather at hcoleman (at)

Evert Kenk


Evert Kenk has recently retired from the Provincial Government, as its Chief Resource Information Officer for the Natural Resource Sector, and as the Executive Director of GeoBC, where he was responsible for delivering information services to natural resource sector ministries and their business and public clients. Mr. Kenk’s experience includes providing strategic provincial direction, advising legislation, setting policy and standards, leading organizational change, establishing needed governance, and delivering and operating land-related information systems. Mr. Kenk, a Registered Professional Forester, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the PacMARA team.


Board Member

Andrew Lewin is a Marine Spatial Ecologist, and the President of Spatial-Conserve Inc. He specializes in the conservation of coastal habitats. Andrew has worked in the Arctic, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico participating in various projects such as water quality studies, sediment quality studies, fishery and benthic invertebrate studies, and marine mammal surveys.

Board Member

Ed Gregr is the Principal of SciTech Environmental Consulting. His consulting work focuses on the development of species‐habitat relationships in marine environments, and the classification of both shelf and oceanic habitats, in collaboration with provincial and federal agencies. As a researcher at the University of British Columbia's Marine Mammal Research Unit, Mr. Gregr built decision support systems for clients in government and industry. Mr. Gregr has a Master of Science in Zoology from the University of British Columbia, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University. He is currently enrolled in a doctoral program at the Institute of Resources and Environmental Science at the University of British Columbia. The focus of his thesis work is the west coast of Vancouver Island, combining spatially explicit population models of key species and ecosystem dynamics, examining the ecological and socio-economic impacts of different management scenarios.

Board Member

Mark Zacharias is an Assistant Deputy Minister with the Province of BC, and he is responsible for Provincial mapping and geographic information programs as well as its ecosystem-based management programs. Dr. Zacharias is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Victoria. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria, a Master of Science from University of Victoria, and a PhD in Zoology from the University of Guelph, ON.