Board of Directors

Michele Patterson, MSc

I work full-time in Vancouver Island University’s Institute for Coastal Research(ICR) as both Program Manager and leading our Aquatic Foods research program. I am also Adjunct Faculty in VIU’s Geography Department. Prior to coming to VIU in 2010, I spent 10 years with WWF-Canada, firs
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Rodolphe Devillers, Ph.D.

Rodolphe Devillers is a marine Geographer interested in how geographic information sciences can contribute to marine conservation. He is Associate Professor in Geography at Memorial University of Newfoundland where he leads the Marine Geomatics Research Group, an interdisciplinary tea
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Mark Zacharias, Ph.D.

Mark Zacharias is an Assistant Deputy Minister with the Province of BC, and he is responsible for Provincial mapping and geographic information programs as well as its ecosystem-based management programs. Dr. Zacharias is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Geography at the Univer
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Henry Kucera, M.Sc.

Henry Kucera is a recognized expert in designing spatial and temporal intelligence and decision support systems, and an advocate for collaboration between academia and industry.
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Dave Nicolson, M.C.P.M.

Dave Nicolson is a geographic consultant who specializes in the use of geospatial data to support land and marine planning. Over the past 20 years, he has worked on projects for the Federal government, BC Provincial government, municipal governments, industry, First Nations, ENGOs and
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Edward Gregr, M.Sc.

Ed Gregr is the Principal of SciTech Environmental Consulting. His consulting work focuses on the development of species‐habitat relationships in marine environments, and the classification of both shelf and oceanic habitats, in collaboration with provincial and federal agencies.
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Heather Coleman, Ph.D. – Secretary

Heather Coleman - Scientific Advisor
Heather is a marine ecologist with experience in policy, environmental economics, ecotoxicology, and oceanography. She identifies, designs, and directs innovative programs and projects to inform decision-making, primarily around marine spatial and multi-objective planning.
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Evert Kenk, R.P.F.- Treasurer

Evert Kenk
Evert Kenk’s experience includes providing strategic provincial direction, advising legislation, setting policy and standards, leading organizational change, establishing needed governance, and delivering and operating land-related information systems.
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Andrew Lewin, M.Sc. – Vice President

Andrew Lewin is a Marine Spatial Ecologist, and the President of Spatial-Conserve Inc. He specializes in the conservation of coastal habitats. Andrew has worked in the Arctic, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico participating in various projects such as water quality studies, sediment qualit
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Jeff Ardron, M.Sc. – President

Jeff Ardron is an Adviser on Marine Governance at the Commonwealth Secretariat, London, which provides technical assistance to developing states. He has over 25 years’ experience in marine governance, planning, and conservation. He maintains his involvement in British Columbia, Canada
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