Decision Support Tool Guide

The Decision Guide, produced by the Center for Ocean Solutions (COS) and PacMARA, is intended to assist practitioners in selecting appropriate decision support tools (DSTs) that can help them conduct marine spatial planning in their own jurisdictions.
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Marxan Good Practices Handbook

Version 2 of the Marxan Good Practices Handbook has just been released in July 2010!
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Marxan User Manual Version 1.8.10

This manual is intended to equip readers with the basic knowledge required to use Marxan. We cover all the relevant parameters and necessary data inputs, as well as the steps required to successfully execute the program and interpret the results. Download the Manual: marxan manual
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Translation of Marxan Materials into Spanish

The MARXAN Good Practices Handbook, written by more than two dozen volunteers in a year-long international collaboration, which offers guidance on better conservation planning from some of the most experienced people in the field was translated to Spanish and posted on various sites w
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