Projects & Publications

Marine Ecosystem Based Management Knowledge Gaps Study

The objective of this report is to help inform the EBM community of practice about information and data gaps existing in the EBM framework in BC marine waters and plan to fill the gaps.
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Delineation of Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Planning Area

The purpose of this project was to identify an appropriate boundary for the Central and North Coast Fisheries and Oceans Canada planning area. Several boundaries have been suggested, and PacMARA was approached by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to evaluate them and make recommendations.
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Marine Experts Workshop

PacMARA partnered with the B.C. Conservation Planning Tools Committee (CPTC) for the workshop with a goal to review the current and planned marine biodiversity spatial analyses and/or conservation planning assessment projects (tools) available in BC and to identify how the tools can b
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Coordinating BC Input to the Marine InVEST Program

Assisting in the development of strategies to develop and test methods for trade-offs analysis for ecosystem services (Marine InVEST).  PacMARA hosted a 2 day workshop to solicit input from a diverse set of stakeholders who were interested in the development of ecosystem service trade
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Translation of Marxan Materials into Spanish

The MARXAN Good Practices Handbook, written by more than two dozen volunteers in a year-long international collaboration, which offers guidance on better conservation planning from some of the most experienced people in the field was translated to Spanish and posted on various sites w
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