Updated Marxan Good Practices Handbook: New English and Spanish Versions

We are happy to announce the release of an updated version of the Marxan Good Practices Handbook in English, and the much anticipated Version 2 of the Marxan Good Practices Handbook in Spanish.
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Evaluation of Large Ocean Management Area (LOMA) options for British Columbia’s North-Central Coast

As Fisheries and Oceans Canada moved towards implementing Integrated Management in the North and Central Coasts of British Columbia, several options were evaluated for the placement of administrative boundaries. This report reviewed three proposed boundaries that span the Central and
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Michele Patterson’s Master’s Thesis: “Towards Ecosystem-Based Management in Canada’s Northeast Pacific Ocean”

In this paper, an analysis of the literature around governance, collaboration, complexity, the role of science in society, and new thinking about resource management was undertaken to show that collaborations such as PacMARA might actually be better at asking and answering the questio
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