Marine Ecosystem Based Management Knowledge Gaps Study

The objective of this report is to help inform the EBM community of practice about information and data gaps existing in the EBM framework in BC marine waters and plan to fill the gaps.

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Scoping study for the development of scientific advice on Bowie Seamount

Bowie Seamount Scoping Study 2008

Bowie Seamount is located 180 kilometres west of Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) in the northeast Pacific, off the coast of British Columbia. Also known by the Haida as Sgaan Kinghlas, which means “Supernatural Being Looking Outward,” Bowie Seamount is the shallowest seamount known in Canada’s Pacific waters. It rises from a depth of approximately 3,000 metres to within 24 metres of the sea surface. The Marine Protected Area in the vicinity of Bowie Seamount will give protection to a complex of three offshore seamounts – Bowie, Hodgkins and Davidson seamounts.

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Integrated Landscape Management – A Work in Progess

A summary of a work in progress related to the framing of a coherent landscape management framework. Kenk, E., and Kucera, H., (2010) Contributed material for, “Bringing Placed-Based Tools to Policy Development in the Federal Government: Connecting Knowledge, Analysis and Decision Making”, Government of Canada, Policy Research Initiative, Ottawa, Canada, February 2010.  Framing Integrated Landscape […]

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Evaluation of Large Ocean Management Area (LOMA) options for British Columbia’s North-Central Coast

As Fisheries and Oceans Canada moved towards implementing Integrated Management in the North and Central Coasts of British Columbia, several options were evaluated for the placement of administrative boundaries. This report reviewed three proposed boundaries that span the Central and North Coasts, and made note of one other in the Central Coast (Figure 1). From these inputs two recommendations were developed:

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Michele Patterson’s Master’s Thesis: “Towards Ecosystem-Based Management in Canada’s Northeast Pacific Ocean”

In this paper, an analysis of the literature around governance, collaboration, complexity, the role of science in society, and new thinking about resource management was undertaken to show that collaborations such as PacMARA might actually be better at asking and answering the questions needed to inform an ecosystem-based management approach.

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