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Building capacity in Marxan (Fall 2010)

Now that we’ve certified the first trained Marxan instructors in North America, PacMARA is getting ready to hold Introduction to Marxan courses this fall. Marxan is a widely recognised site-selection tool that has been used extensively in the design of marine and terrestrial reserves and management areas worldwide. With Marxan, planners can identify an efficient system of sites that include a suite of ecological and/or socio-economic targets at a minimal cost.  For anyone working in integrated coastal or ocean management and planning, this free software (together with the spatial data you have access to) will greatly facilitate smart decision making that takes into account a broad range considerations and tradeoffs.

This hands-on course will provide participants with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to use Marxan in a marine conservation planning exercise.

For more information, please see: Introduction to Marxan

If you are interested in a course, have your say about when and where you’d like it by clicking here.

And don’t forget to check out updates to the just released Version 2 of the Marxan Good Practices Handbook here!


Alex Obando 7:43 am - 18th March:

Also, if you can provide information on this course as well, I would deeply appreciate it.

Leslie Bure 3:07 am - 15th May:

I am located in Nova Scotia. Looking for individuals with Marxan expertise in Atlantic Canada or Ottawa. Can you help ?

Jaclyn 2:03 pm - 19th May:

Is the Marxan workshop that was originally posted for Victoria already full?
If so, are you taking a waitlist?

jodi.stark 10:56 am - 2nd June:

The Victoria Marxan course unfortunately had to be postponed due to low registration. We are planning an Intro course in western Canada in the fall.
We will most definitely keep you informed about when and where that will take place.

jodi.stark 11:38 am - 2nd June:

We are holding an Introduction to Marxan course in Ottawa in July. It is mostly government people, but they will be trained users once the course is complete. We can send you their contact information once the course is complete. In the meantime, I have asked a few people in our network of contacts out there. I will let you know if anything interesting turns up. Thanks for your interest.

Dave Nicolson 2:28 pm - 9th June:

You could try to contact Jen Smith at WWF Atlantic Office for an east coast Marxan expert.

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