“PacMARA’s mission is to support collaborative marine ecosystem-based decision making through scientific analysis, facilitation, and training.”

We take an impartial, non-advocacy approach to ocean and marine planning because access to data, good science, and clear results are the heart of sustainable oceans management.

PacMARA works to be as representative of stakeholders as possible within a framework of knowledge and values essential for ecosystem-based management, integrated management and marine use planning policy development and decision-making.

Our purpose is to undertake research and analysis initiatives to support an ecosystem-based approach to coastal and marine planning, conservation and resource use in British Columbia. To produce products that highlight, promote and communicate the results of the Association’s research and analysis. To facilitate the development of cooperative and collaborative research and analysis initiatives between First Nations, provincial and federal governments, non-government organizations, academics, and community and commercial interests. To provide science-based services that use the Association’s research and analysis to support marine planning, conservation and resource use in BC.

PacMARA acts as a catalyst for collaboration, and provides non-partisan, outcome driven, evidence based decision making related to Ocean and Marine planning.