Marine Ecosystem-based Management Gaps Dialogue

The Marine Ecosystem-based Management (EBM) Challenge Dialogue was developed by PacMARA in association with R. Keith Jones & Associates, with advice and recommendations from the BC Marine Community of Practice Process Champions:
  • DFO - Oceans, Habitat and Enhancement
  • DFO - Science
  • DFO - Fisheries and Aquaculture Management
  • BC Ministry of Environment - Oceans and Marine Fisheries
  • Parks Canada - Western and Northern Service Centre
  • Transport Canada - Environmental Services
  • Natural Resources Canada, GSC Pacific
  • BC Ministry of Forests - ILMB
  • BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands - Aquaculture Policy

It was aimed at developing a common understanding and practice of marine EBM with regard to its implementation and practice in BC. The goal was to make recommendations on a process by which responsible agencies, First Nations and other interests collaboratively develop action plans to deliver on a shared strategy, with tangible benefits to improve capacity on Canada’s Pacific coast.

The Challenge Paper proposed the following activities:
  • Framing the marine EBM environment
  • Developing and delivering a strategy for an outreach and training program for EBM
  • Helping to facilitate the application of EBM in marine planning and decision-making
  • Leveraging EBM investments to date, including existing tools, skills and knowledge
  • Linking EBM science with marine policy development

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The heart of this challenge is to engage a diverse set of key interests in the marine community in an open and progressive conversation focused on developing a common understanding of marine EBM. We start with an assessment of the current situation and recommend a strategy to address issues and opportunities in furthering EBM implementation and practice.

Response to the Challenge Paper was collected into the Consolidated Feedback, in which all responses appear unattributed.

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This response was extremely helpful in forming the agenda and goals of the Marine Ecosystem-based Management Gaps Workshop that was held on 9-10 March 2010 in Sidney, BC.

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