Marine Ecosystem-based Management Gaps Workshop

On 9-10 March 2010, PacMARA convened a workshop on marine ecosystem-based management for Canada’s Pacific coast and ocean region. Participants from the provincial and federal government, First Nations, private sector, academia and ENGOs came together to contribute to the ongoing dialogue. This photograph shows most of the participants in the two day gathering.

As part of the ongoing Marine EBM Gaps Challenge Dialogue, the workshop was successful in producing a set of guiding draft Marine EBM principles relevant to British Columbia, a Logic Model that summarizes rationale, drivers and desired outcomes, and suggested innovative approaches to joint planning, shared governance and enhanced collaboration. The next steps will be to collaboratively create an Outcome Map and Strategic Plan to guide shared implementation.

More perspectives and opinions are being solicited. You are invited to review the following documents and participate.

Click here to view the Sidney Consensus: Marine EBM Principles as a PDF or the webpage

Click here to view the Draft Logic Model

Click here to view the Workshop Summary

Click here to view the Workshop Workbook

Click here to view a sample Strategy Roadmap (for the Canadian Water Network)

Marine Ecosystem-based Management Implementation Workshop

Marine Ecosystem-based Management Principles Working Group

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