Marine Ecosystem-based Management Implementation Workshop

On 9-10 May 2011, PacMARA convened a workshop on marine ecosystem-based management implementation for Canada’s Pacific coast and ocean region. Participants from academia, the federal and provincial government, First Nations, industry, and ENGOs came together to contribute to the ongoing dialogue. This photograph shows most of the participants in the two day gathering.

As part of the ongoing Marine EBM Discussion, the workshop was successful in addressing critical gaps in research relevant to British Columbia, and beginning a Strategy Roadmap that summarizes rationale, drivers and desired outcomes, and suggested innovative approaches to joint planning, shared governance and enhanced collaboration.

The post-Workshop Working Group has just completed the EBM Implementation Roadmap, entitled: The Roadmap to Sustainable Prosperity. View the map here!

The next step is for willing participants to collaboratively draft a manuscript covering the content of workshop presentations (details below).

Sessions and Presentations

Powerpoints available where this format was used

Setting the Stage

Setting Context

The Current State of Marine EBM in BC

Panel on Obstacles and Approaches to Implementation of Marine EBM Principles

Panel on First Nations and Industry Obstacles and Approaches to Implementation of Marine EBM Principles

Building Blocks of the Strategy Roadmap

Approaches to Overcome Obstacles, Implement Marine EBM Principles and Achieve Final Outcomes

Marine Ecosystem-based Management Gaps Workshop

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