Marxan Good Practices Handbook

This wiki is not the official version of this document, but is an effort to facilitate the further improvement of the handbook by the community of Marxan users. Click here for the PDF.
Please note: This handbook is subject to change. Although the authors and editors have endeavoured to produce a good first version, it may nonetheless contain errors or inconsistencies. As part of our ongoing peer-review process we are asking readers to provide comments, error reports, or questions as appropriate. This version will also be reviewed by “case study projects” which are in the process of using Marxan and applying good practices. These case studies will later be profiled in a subsequent publication. If you have comments, questions, or are interested in becoming a case study, please contact Jeff Ardron through .
To recommend and discuss changes to the Handbook, go to the Marxan Handbook Wiki Discussion Site.

Marxan Good Practices Handbook version 1

Edited in 2008 by Jeff A. Ardron, Hugh P. Possingham & Carissa J. Klein, with:

PacMARA (Pacific Marine Analysis and Research Association), British Columbia, Canada

The Ecology Centre, University of Queensland, Australia

Suggested citation:
Ardron, J.A., Possingham, H.P., and Klein, C.J. (eds) 2008. Marxan Good Practices Handbook. External review version; 17 May, 2008. Pacific Marine Analysis and Research Association, BC, Canada. 155 pages.

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