Train the Trainers

Trainers in training must attend and act as teaching assistants in an Introduction to Marxan course. In this follow-up training, the new teaching manual will be reviewed with open discussion about teaching techniques, tips and pitfalls to be avoided. At the end of this course, instructors will be recognized by the University of Queensland Ecology Center and PacMARA as trained to teach entry level Marxan courses.

Those wishing to become Marxan trainers must:

  • Have completed at least one Marxan-based project from start to finish
  • Know how to construct Marxan databases in several different ways
  • Be very proficient in ArcGIS and MS Excel
  • Be familiar with the systematic conservation planning literature

If you are interested in learning more about the next Train the Trainers courses, please contact:
Norma Serra Sogas,
PacMARA Training Manager
Email: nserra(at)
Phone: +1 250 818 3220


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