PacMARA produced a number of reports on Canada-BC MPA Design Principles commissioned by MPATT (Marine Protected Areas Technical Team) in British Columbia. MPATT is a federal-provincial-First National technical working group responsible for coordinating marine protected area network planning and implementation in Canada’s Pacific waters.

In 2015, PacMARA completed a report to provide guidance on applying Canada-BC MPA Network Design Principles for the Northern Shelf Bioregion (NSB), with a particular focus on those of ecological quantitative scientific nature (A copy of the report can be downloaded here)

In early 2016, PacMARA completed a second report distilling good practices from the extensive literature on incorporating socio-economics into marine protected area (MPA) planning (to download a copy of the report click here).

Later in 2016, PacMARA produced a third and final report with the purpose of developing short, specific and pragmatic guidelines for the implementation of a selected number of principles (to download a copy of the report click here).