“The Aquaculture Controversy in Canada,” written by Nathan Young and Ralph Matthews of UBC, has just won the prize in honour of professor emeritus K.D. Srivastava, who was principally responsible for the reorganization and revitalization of UBC Press. It is awarded each year by the Publications Board of the Press to the author of a work of outstanding scholarly quality.

“The Aquaculture Controversy in Canada” discusses farming of aquatic organisms, one of the most promising but controversial new industries in Canada. The industry has the potential to solve food supply problems, but critics believe it poses unacceptable threats to human health, local communities, and the environment. This book is not about the methods and techniques of aquaculture but an exploration of the controversy itself. Rather than choosing sides, Nathan Young and Ralph Matthews present the controversy as a multi-layered conflict about knowledge, rights, and development. Comprehensive and balanced, this book addresses one of the most contentious public policy and environmental issues facing the world today.