About PacMARA

“PacMARA is an organization that advances the use of cross-disciplinary approaches in ecosystem-based decision-making. We take an impartial, non-advocacy approach to marine planning and sustainable oceans management.”

Who Is PacMARA and what do we do?

In a world where so many people, agencies, businesses, and organizations have interests in marine resources, PacMARA (the Pacific Marine Analysis and Research Association) uses science and planning expertise and experience to help bring the pieces together.

  • “Very well organized, on time, well thought-out, and efficient use of time. Lots of good ideas, and I learned a lot.” [Social Science Integration Workshop facilitated by PacMARA – Anchorage, Alaska 2014]
  • “The excellent speaker maintained interesting discussions. Great presentations!” [PacMARA’s Decision Support Tools for Decision Makers Workshop – Nairobi, Kenya 2013]
  • “This is a potential game-changer in terms of achieving greater buy-in from stakeholders.” [Charting a Course for Sustainable Prosperity – a strategy roadmap facilitated/designed by PacMARA 2012]
  • “I appreciate the honest delivery and highlights about stakeholder engagement. I think scientists really need to hear this stuff! Thank you.” [PacMARA’s Marxan for Managers workshop – Washington, D.C. 2012]
  • “Excellent course! I liked the mix of theory, tutorials, and case studies with hands-on training. I can’t wait to try this for coastal Nova Scotia.” [PacMARA’s Introduction to Marxan technical course – Halifax, NS 2011]

Without adequate planning, even routine uses can seriously impact the ocean’s ability to provide critical services such as food, coastal protection, economic opportunity, energy generation, cultural use, and recreation. National and regional planning around the world is helping people manage ocean uses to sustain these services for the coming decades. PacMARA counts itself as part of the solution by promoting pragmatic approaches to enhance informed planning through facilitated communication, coordination, and collaboration.

We are a charitable organization of science and planning professionals dedicated to building and increasing capacity in marine and coastal planning in Canada and internationally. Our goal is to help promote sustainable prosperity through communication, coordination, and collaboration – ultimately linking science with decision making.

PacMARA provides facilitation, training, analysis, and support for the ocean planning community through a variety of methods such as facilitating conducting workshops, courses, symposia, and spatial planning analyses (40+ events in 14 countries to date). Participants include cross-sector government agencies, NGOs, researchers, industries, and community groups.

As a registered charity in Canada, PacMARA relies on charitable donations by people like you to remain impartial. Tax receipts are provided with all donations. Please consider donating today!

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